cymedics diode+
3D Medical 2020
755nm, 810nm and 1064nm diode laser
755nm, 810nm, 1064nm wavelength diode laser, SHR technology, compressor ICE cooling
A must have for every professional
  • painless treatment thanks to most modern compressor cooling technology

  • medical certification

  • Visible results from the first treatment

  • actually hairless in just a few sessions

  • SHR in motion technology

  • quick success thanks to an even bigger applicator and 20% more performance

  • reliable, quick & Made in Germany
Alma Soprano Ice
The overall solution for laser hair removal
Diode laser
The diode laser with alexandrite-wavelength. Almost pain free – demonstrably safe – for all skin types, also for tanned skin.
  • safe, practical and pain free treatment

  • for all skin types (I-VI), also for tanned skin

  • SHR for gradual heating

  • SHR movement mode in-motion for full coverage

  • SHR stacking and stamp mode for small areas

  • 10 years clinical proofed efficacy

  • 12-inch-color-touchscreen, intuitive menu, easy to use

  • No consumable resources

  • NIR-handpieces connectable for deep heating of tissue
cymedics to go
The mobile premium version
Body forming by biocybernetics
Also Ideal for subletting
  • Biocybernetic vitalization of tissue

  • probably the only body forming technology that is not affected by NiSV

  • pain free and very pleasant to use

  • biocybernetics starts where sports cannot continue

  • antibacterial/antiallergenic probe heads made of premium steel

  • comfortable LED control system

  • unique on the global market

  • 100% non-invasive, 100% NiSV free

  • 18 kg trolley case, ideal for traveling cosmeticians or for subletting

  • Made in Germany