Direct sale

You have the opportunity to purchase the device directly at our shop. We have all of our products in-house and they can be tested here. Uncertain about your purchase? We totally understand. That’s why we offer different buying options, in order for you to choose the fitting device for your target group. Furthermore, you have different possibilities to rent the device beforehand (temporary rent).


We offer different financing options. Our standard financing with a reasonable installment loan for your desired device is ideal for a good start in your professional life. Extraordinary reasonable conditions, flexible terms, and modest monthly installments - no problem for us. This means high planning security for you. Our financing products are possible because of independent co-operations with multiple banks. There is the right bank for every device. Let our domain experts give you consultation for more details.


Benefit from our regular leasing offers. Leasing without any deposit is no problem for us. Hence, you will have more cash flow within your enterprise. On this we offer leasing options from 12 to 48 months. After finalization of your lease contract you will have the opportunity to purchase the device.

Hire purchase

With a small deposit to begin with and you will pay off the device monthly. We can also offer you this possibility. Hire purchase is a rental agreement whereby the salesperson reserves the right to purchase the rented product by unilateral declaration.


On bail, a device will be placed at the disposal for a certain amount of time. The advantage is that you will have the opportunity to test the device prior to purchase. The rent saves time, money and workforce or non-existent solvency (e.g. for a business establishment). Rental devices offer the advantage that you always own the latest devices and therefore you will have a huge advantage upon the competition.


As an entrepreneur, you will have the opportunity to receive a subsidy by the KfW-funding. The interest for your loan is very low. Within the first years, you will even get an interest-only period. The KfW contracts can be ensured for a life of 10 years so that, you will not have to fear any problems of liquidity. The guaranteed monthly installment is ideal for a long planning certainty. The KfW-loan offers this loan especially for entrepreneurs, even though you do not have a guarantor against usual ways of funding.